Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Likey like.

In my happy place.

I like my eyes.
I like my arms.
I like my hair.
I like how I wear my clothes.
I like being very small.
I like not wearing heels. Simply cause I am unable to walk in them.
I like patterned tights.
I love having neatly painted nails.
I like getting my back and neck tickled.
I like getting my hair played with.
I getting hugs and kisses from my fiance.
I like the colours pink and purple.
I like the Italian culture.
I like love hearts, and stars etc.
I like to go on picnics.
I like to go on walks in the country.
I like walking hand in hand with my partner.
I like being in the sun.
I like kissing in the rain.
I like being proud of myself.
I like my jewelry.
I like eatting food in general.
I like all things to do with romance.
I like Spring and Autumn the most.
I like sitting in a car, even although I've been in 3 accidents.
I like "styled" messy hair.
I like thick eye make up.
I like natural make up too.
I like looking at the stars.
I like being the first to see a rainbow, I feel lucky.
I like syrup on toast.
I like all different genres of music.
I like that I am so close to my little brother.
I like listening to the tick- tocking of a clock, it relaxes me.
I like how I am often told that I am a very nice girl, I probably am a spoilt brat at times.
I like how people comment on how organized I am, they seriously ain't seen my room.
I like 90210.
I like bows.
I like bags.
I like revising.
I like make up.
I like tea and coffee.

I will continue as I remember.

I like being me. I am proud of who I am.
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Words can often read truer than actions..

I love to write poems, and short stories. I feel it gets my emotions out if I am upset, angry or worried. I don't expect people to read what I write either, just thought people might be interested in reading some of my work.
I take what I write seriously as a lot of it can have a lot of deeper meanings to it, but I take criticism well.
I don't think my work is amazing, but I do think its decent.

1. Is This What Love Is?

Playfighting, the name calling,
The times we sit there just laughing,
I've never made a promise like this,
I am going to love you until the world isn't like this.

You're the one who understands,
My differences,
My fears,
My embarrassments,
I've fallen inlove and found my special one.

Every slow love song is about you,
When i am lying here,
Headphones on my ears,
Listening to songs about being happy.
I always remember when I first met you.

2. I'm Not Lying Anymore

Sometimes I wonder,
If you walked into my life
Meaning to make me feel this way.
All through the night,
I lie here asking myself,
Is it you?
Is it true?

I'm not going to lie no more.
Because I know its you.
And I know its true.

Sometimes I wonder,
Do you really care?
Or are you really there?
Why have you have you let me fall so far?
All through the night,
I lie here asking, is it true?

I'm not going to lie no more,
Because I know its you,
And this is true.

3. It's So Beautiful When He Smiles

She loves him.
Always has. Through everything.
Everythings perfect when he's around.
It's like deaths never happened,
The sun shined everyday and,
All rainbows had a pot of gold.
But no one told me about the day,
The day he smiled.
It gave life a diagnosis.
Life was beautiful.

The day he looked her way,
The day he had a curve upon his lip
The day life became reasoned.
And so far, some things never changed.
Some things are meant to be.

When that curve is on his lips,
And he's looking her way,
Some thing funny happens.

She goes funny inside,
All sparks relight.
And she's trapped in a world,
One she doesn't mind being lost in.
This world she wants to live in.

There will be more if a strong response. :)
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I don't need to be engaged to a prince to feel like a princess.. part 2 <3

Back home, I began to see him more often. When he was cleaning out his kennels in his back garden. I would make a point of looking out my window.

He became friends with my younger brother. One night when he came along to see if my brother wanted a game of football, my brother was out. I went to the door to tell him this, yet 5 hours later we were still sat talking! I wanted to kiss him, but I didn't think he felt the same. It was to amazing for this to be true, I thought.

The next day he asked my brother to ask me if I'd watch them play football, I said yes. I never knew that his game of football was actually a game of spin the bottle, and was an excuse for our first kiss. <3

For months after, we were on and off. I loved him but my insecurity often got the better of me. When I was with him I always thought he deserved better, but when I ended things, I knew he was all I wanted.

I eventually decided to fight my insecurity. On 31st December 2008, I decided new year, fresh start, and we decided we should be together. We wanted to be with each other so why not?

And we've been together fully ever since. I can't believe how much he inspires me.. And I love him more each and every day. We're now engaged. 15/1/2011. I can't wait to start planning my wedding to him. He is the only one for me.
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I don't have to be engaged to a prince to feel like a princess.

Everyone seems to be telling all on their love stories so thought I would add mine. Enjoy! <3

We first met on holiday at a place called Faskally Caravan Park, in Pitlochry. I was on holiday with my family and he was on holiday with a friend and his family. We were roughly about 11 years old when we first met.

I couldn't help but smile around him. His laugh was so contagious. His eyes were full of electric. I didn't know at the time, but I fell in love. However, I didn't know at this point he was a very close neighbour back home (two doors from mine in fact.)

I had made a friend whilst on holiday, something unusual considering I am pretty shy.

I remember standing with my "new" friend, and him and his friend. We were standing at a camel slide which was on the site.

I seriously couldn't help but smile around him. From then on, we were on and off. After meeting so young, we were quite immature, so we split up loads(it wasn't a relationship as such we were 11, however we didn't have other partners until atleast after a year of not being together.)

I met my next boyfriend at school, but I didn't love him, he was more like my brother- who looked out for me etc. As bad as it sounds, I always used to watch for my ex at this stage from my bedroom window.. I was mad about him.

I split from my ex- it wasn't fair for me to be with him yet crave the love from someone else who I couldn't help but want.

Keep eyes peeled for part 2..


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A quarter of me.

Facts about me.

1. My middle name, Maria, is named after my Gran.
2. I am engaged at 17 and I love it.
3. I always wanted to be called Roxy, when I was younger.
4. My birthday is on 2nd July.
5. I went deaf when I was younger, but I got gromets, so can now hear!
6. My fiance is also one of my neighbours.
7. I used to hate the colour pink, but I love it now.
8. I love all things hearts, stars, and swirls.
9. I love photography, and quotes. I can sit for hours reading them.
10. I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, my room is covered in posters and different items of her- mugs, candles, duvet cover etc.
11. I prefer showers to baths.. Although, I love just chilling in a good bath.
12. I bite my nails, and I keep trying to stop but I only normally last a couple of weeks.
13. I love cuddles and kisses.
14. I love letters.
15. I love writing stories and poetry.
16. I love doodling.
17. I normally cut my own hair.
18. I love jewellery.
19. I love my fiance & family so much!
20. I am a social network and blogging addict.
21. My favourite films are, Ps, I love you, The Notebook and Ghost
22. My favourite music is from Pixie Lott, Rihanna, Bruno Mars.
23. I read More Magazine religiously. I've been pictured in it once!
24. I don't win competitions, ever!
25. I am nice. :)
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