Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Relaxing in the life of me.

My life can seem pretty hectic at times, college 3 days a week and placement 2 days a week. And revision on top nd that. Its no different compared to other teenagers lives. In fact, compared to some its pretty easy. However, no matter how easy or hard life is, I believe everyone needs time to just relax and chill for a while. I also know some people find relaxing quite hard- my mum being one of those people.

Here are a few of my favourite ways:

Reading- I love a really good read, and once I get addicted to a book, I can't put it down. My current book is Water For Elephants, its amazing! I've not yet seen the film though.

Watching a film- A good film will always help relax. I watched Sweeny Todd recently with my fiance and I loved it, needless to say some eye candy will always help too.

Writing- Writing is one of my passions. I can write about very meaningful, hard times in my life and feel a lot better for it.

Music- Listening to my favourite music too, it does help that I love a lot of pop, cheesy music too.

Having some silent time- This is my favourite way to relax, and as silly as it sounds, Im at my most relaxed after it. Sitting on my bed, reading a magazine with no tv, or music. Its just bliss!

I hope yous have learnt a little more about me and the ways I find easy to do to help me relax.

Cya next time,

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