Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Likey like.

In my happy place.

I like my eyes.
I like my arms.
I like my hair.
I like how I wear my clothes.
I like being very small.
I like not wearing heels. Simply cause I am unable to walk in them.
I like patterned tights.
I love having neatly painted nails.
I like getting my back and neck tickled.
I like getting my hair played with.
I getting hugs and kisses from my fiance.
I like the colours pink and purple.
I like the Italian culture.
I like love hearts, and stars etc.
I like to go on picnics.
I like to go on walks in the country.
I like walking hand in hand with my partner.
I like being in the sun.
I like kissing in the rain.
I like being proud of myself.
I like my jewelry.
I like eatting food in general.
I like all things to do with romance.
I like Spring and Autumn the most.
I like sitting in a car, even although I've been in 3 accidents.
I like "styled" messy hair.
I like thick eye make up.
I like natural make up too.
I like looking at the stars.
I like being the first to see a rainbow, I feel lucky.
I like syrup on toast.
I like all different genres of music.
I like that I am so close to my little brother.
I like listening to the tick- tocking of a clock, it relaxes me.
I like how I am often told that I am a very nice girl, I probably am a spoilt brat at times.
I like how people comment on how organized I am, they seriously ain't seen my room.
I like 90210.
I like bows.
I like bags.
I like revising.
I like make up.
I like tea and coffee.

I will continue as I remember.

I like being me. I am proud of who I am.
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