Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Words can often read truer than actions..

I love to write poems, and short stories. I feel it gets my emotions out if I am upset, angry or worried. I don't expect people to read what I write either, just thought people might be interested in reading some of my work.
I take what I write seriously as a lot of it can have a lot of deeper meanings to it, but I take criticism well.
I don't think my work is amazing, but I do think its decent.

1. Is This What Love Is?

Playfighting, the name calling,
The times we sit there just laughing,
I've never made a promise like this,
I am going to love you until the world isn't like this.

You're the one who understands,
My differences,
My fears,
My embarrassments,
I've fallen inlove and found my special one.

Every slow love song is about you,
When i am lying here,
Headphones on my ears,
Listening to songs about being happy.
I always remember when I first met you.

2. I'm Not Lying Anymore

Sometimes I wonder,
If you walked into my life
Meaning to make me feel this way.
All through the night,
I lie here asking myself,
Is it you?
Is it true?

I'm not going to lie no more.
Because I know its you.
And I know its true.

Sometimes I wonder,
Do you really care?
Or are you really there?
Why have you have you let me fall so far?
All through the night,
I lie here asking, is it true?

I'm not going to lie no more,
Because I know its you,
And this is true.

3. It's So Beautiful When He Smiles

She loves him.
Always has. Through everything.
Everythings perfect when he's around.
It's like deaths never happened,
The sun shined everyday and,
All rainbows had a pot of gold.
But no one told me about the day,
The day he smiled.
It gave life a diagnosis.
Life was beautiful.

The day he looked her way,
The day he had a curve upon his lip
The day life became reasoned.
And so far, some things never changed.
Some things are meant to be.

When that curve is on his lips,
And he's looking her way,
Some thing funny happens.

She goes funny inside,
All sparks relight.
And she's trapped in a world,
One she doesn't mind being lost in.
This world she wants to live in.

There will be more if a strong response. :)
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